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Metal Toilet Partition

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Product Introduction

1. Over the years, Metal toilet partition has been a professional designer, the ideal choice in mind. The product sales accounted for more than 90% of the world metal toilet partition market share.

2. The design function of cash and perfect Hagrien in the U.S. and Canada, across Europe and the Middle East has been developing steadily, in 90s, the rapid development of the Asian economy driven by Hagrien to the Asian region to promote sustained growth of the economy, Chinese Hagrien provides a wider the market.

3. In 2006 year, Hagrien came to China, its advanced design and excellent quality has won the praise of customers.

Company Advantage

1. The world's leading manufacturer of metal toilet partition Because Hagrien has an active service to the world, it can develop the right products according to the local situation and the different needs of customers.

2. Innovative, high-quality services, and nurturing customer growth, has become the world's leading manufacturer of metal compartments.

3. In view of the various parts of the Chinese market after 18MM, Hagrien has developed 18MM thick metal plates to match the 18MM thick parts of any product. It provides a wide choice for

professional designers, architects and owners.

Hagrien Material Selection Criteria

1. The steel plate is made of WISCO or Baosteel Special galvanized steel sheet, the thickness of the steel plate is 0.8-1.2 thick.

2. Using the built-in cellular A Holland honicel honeycomb paper company in Guangzhou

B white dragon class a fireproof board, C aluminum honeycomb

3. The German Henkel company Xi'an plastic foam

4. Stainless steel rubber sleeve adopts 304# TISCO standard 0.8

5. Accessories: A zinc alloy plating, B electroplating, anchoring drawing

C sea green 304# special accessories (never rust)

6. Nylon regression shaft with USA (DuPont) reinforced nylon.

7. Hinge connection, the upper and lower shaft adopts 304# stainless steel, never rust

8. Powder with AKZO NOBEL the Great Wall coating Co., Ltd.


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