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Folding Door Toilet Partition

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Product Introduction

1. Reveal the secret of our latest product--folding door toilet partition system. Secrets of super folding door toilet partition system will be displayed. Our Super Folding toilet Partion System is soecifically made for 7 stars hotel providing a large soace. Which were regarded the best by other counterparts.

2. Secrets of super folding door toilet partition system will be displayed.

Hagrien has been the leadership in partition all over the world through purchasing Hagrien’s  Brand of the American since 2004.We allow no counterfeit products in name of Chinese-foreign company and we have the duty to protect the right of our clients

Hagrien Folding Door Toilet Advantage

1. Hagrien has solved the problem:seven-star designers don’t have to design larger space for the disabled because Hagrien make each space accessible to the disabled.

2. Hagrien reserves all the rights for the patent of folding door.The automatic anti-pinching system was invented for the first time in the world.

3. Our design provides you a large comfortable space even if luggages or trolley is being capable of.

4. Monochrome painting,wood grainy testuire copy(PVC,PET).HPL pandl are Hagrien’s Folding Door Toilet partition System.The thickness of main panel;40mm

5. The Hagrien folding door has solved the problem of insufficient space in public restroom as well as the problem of deformation of toilet partition boards.


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