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Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

Product Introduction

1. Main material: Zinc alloy steel plate of 0.1cm

Specification of seamless split joint system(dark grey): 1.2x600m (the style specification can be customized) 

2. Application: The wall-mounted zinc alloy steel plate is widely applied to all the public and private spaces such as the offices, supermarkets, meeting rooms, laboratories, exhibition rooms, hospitals, schools, airports, high-speed rails, high-quality offices, etc.

3. Curtain wall aluminum panel

Aluminum panel as one of the three main village curtain, with its good processing performance, install performance and color is rich, and another unique charm, win the masses of users and designer’s favour,and glass, stone material to curtain wall in photograph reflect, tributes, constitute city elegant, gorgeous the beauty of the landscape.

4. Aluminum panel material and structure

Aluminum panel adopts the high-quality aluminum alloy plate processing forming.The base material model usually for 3003, strong condition for H24, its regular thickness of 1.5mm,2.5mm and 3mm 3 kinds.Its construction mainly by the panel, reinforcement and Angle yards composition, panel and reinforced through the wire screw connection, Make it a strong overall, greatly increased the strength and rigidity of aluminum veneer, to ensure the long-term use of the process of wind Ability and aluminum plate surface smoothness.

5. Surface coating of Aluminium board 

The surface of aluminum panel fluorocarbon coating and become, its core ingredients are KYNAR-500 fluorine carbon resin has excellent weathering resistance and corrosive, can withstand the test of the severe environment, useful life for ten years or more.

Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Features

1. Light weight good rigidity high strength

2. Weathering resistance and corrosion resistance is strong

3. Work ability and can be processed into dlat, arc plate and 

4. Hyperbolic panels etc complex shapes 

5. Color selection widely beneficial to collocation 

Aluminum Panel Base Material Properties

Aluminum alloy model        A5052H44             A3003H44

Pull-protecting(n/mm2)      230-280                 210-265

Of bending(n/mm2)            180                         180

Extending rate(%)                 More Than5          More Than4

The in side radius of bencing(thickness is 2mm)    R=2mmx2.5              R=2mmx2

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