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Type of businessSupply toilet partition, partition wall, curtain wall and toilet partition hardware
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Hagrien Industrial Co., Ltd. is the United States Hagrien brand authorized in China the only legitimate use of metal bathroom brand Hagrien (Hai Ge Ryan) company; since 2008, Shenzhen Haier Ryan company headquarters to relocate China's origin in Xi'an, but also set up in Beijing Hagrid, which radiated the country.

Hagrien Hewlett-Packard products based on the quality of the strategy has never been shaken, the establishment of a number of brands since the 16-year pursuit of higher quality, never lax. Our sanitation system today covers all types of bathroom cut off, the quality level in the world of experts, customers are word of mouth. More than 10 years of engineering experience so that we have the ability to provide customers from the design, custom, project management, manufacturing, installation guidance, after-sales service and other comprehensive professional solutions. In China with its high quality production quality and brand value, won a large number of architectural projects of praise and trust.

Hai Ge Ryan Industrial Co., Ltd. in the domestic deployment of metal bathroom patents more than 100 pieces, of which the invention patents accounted for 100% of the country; utility model patents accounted for 98%; design patents accounted for more than 50% of the country. Carefully developed five kinds of bathroom partition units have applied for a well-known Chinese patent office patent code. Haier Ryan Industrial Co., Ltd. is the world's only patented metal bathroom industry covering all the core components, molds and installation methods.

Haier Ryan Industrial Co., Ltd. is not only the leader of metal bathroom cut off, but it is the leading oil and gas logging monitoring and control equipment, equipment and supporting tools and electronic components, mechanical processing of the R & D, sales; oil and gas exploration and development New technology, new technology, new product development, sales and technical services company. Headquartered in Weiyang District, Xi'an, our company adhere to the integration of production and research business philosophy, take the independent innovation, technology legislation enterprises development path, in recent years, continue to expand new energy technology services, at the same time, the company has a number of invention patents and Utility model patents and software copyright.

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